Class of 57

It’s your 60th reunion!

Can you believe it’s been 60 years since graduation? Celebrate your time at Cal and give back with a reunion gift today. Your donation will further UC Berkeley’s excellence by helping its bright students and world-class faculty shine.  

The Class of 1957 Reunion Committee 

Are you passionate about Berkeley? Would you like to give back? Volunteer on your reunion committee!

Volunteers help their classmates reconnect with each other and to campus, as well as encourage others to support UC Berkeley with a meaningful reunion gift. Please join us in playing an active role in supporting student programs, faculty excellence, and research in an effort to keep Berkeley the world’s top-ranked public university.

Carl W. Anderson
Herbert E. Barker, Jr
Ardis F. Breslauer
Alfred F. Breslauer, Jr.
Robert B. Leet
Claudia M. Nemir
Howard F. Nemir
Michael J. Raffetto
Howard L. Seligman
Nancy C. Swearengen
Judith H. Thomson
Stewart Weinberg

Please join us! To get in on the fun, email your class’s personal liaison:

Reunion Checklist 

1. CELEBRATE: Save the date for Cal Reunion Weekend at Homecoming (October 20-22)

2. CONNECT: @CalReunions #CalReunions


3. PARTICIPATE: Join your Reunion Committee and make a difference at Berkeley.

4. SHARE: Nominate classmates for a Reunion Alumni Spotlight.

5. GIVE: Consider making a meaningful gift in honor of your 60th reunion.

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Jenny Seay