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The Class of 2002 Reunion Committee 

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Andy Barkett
Studied Political Economics of Industrial Societies

PJ Burks
Studied Integrative Biology

Rishi Chopra
Studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Sabrina Fabris
Studied Business Administration

Rosie Hernandez
Studied Chicano Studies and Social Welfare

Larry Kao
Studied Political Economics of Industrial Societies

Peter Kim
Studied Business Administration

Sarah Knutson
Studied English

Michael Lin
Studied Architecture

Brienne Marie Barth Lopez
Studied Sociology

Jason Morimoto
Studied Business Administration

Blaine Pedlow
Studied Environmental Studies

Ryan Petersen
Honorary Reunion Committee Chair

Studied Economics

Kristine Poole
Studied History

Rishi Sharma
Studied Comparative Literature, History, and South and Southeast Asian Studies

George Strompolos
Honorary Reunion Committee Chair

Studied: Mass Communications

Susie Tangpraphaphorn
Studied South and Southeast Asian Studies and Molecular and Cell Biology

Charles Wong
Studied Legal Studies

Matthew Zierhut
Studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Victoria Zetterquist
Studied: Folklore and History

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Upcoming Events 
Oct 20
Reunion Weekend at Homecoming
University of California, Berkeley
October 20, 2017 to October 22, 2017 (All day)
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Join us during Homecoming Weekend for reconnecting with great friends, learning from great minds, and having great fun! In addition to the Reunion Party, the campus will host a weekend full of faculty seminars, tours and open houses, athletics events, and more. 

Registration for Homecoming Weekend is now open! We will be hosting a reunion celebration at the Cal Family Dinner on the evening of October 20th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, here on the Berkeley campus. Click here to reserve your spot.

Additional information about Homecoming Weekend can be found at homecoming.berkeley.edu. 

Assistant Director
Catherine Gouge
Honor Roll 
Jettur B. Abramson B.S. ’02
Catherine S. Ahn B.A. ’02, B.S. ’02, J.D. ’06 ◊
Monica J. Albe B.A. ’02 ◊
Sidharth R. Anand B.A. ’02, B.S. ’02
Rocio H. Austria B.A. ’02
Christina A. Baker B.A. ’02
Jaheda N. Barber B.A. ’02
Gabrielle S. Bassin B.A. ’02 | Charles W. Linkem B.A. ’04
Na’il Benjamin B.A. ’02 | Myrada Benjamin **
Rachel L. Burger B.A. ’02 | Scott Burger
Candace C. Callan B.A. ’02
Marco A. Carrasco B.A. ’02
Michael J. Chang B.S. ’02
Rebecca Y. Chang B.A. ’02
Ken Chen B.A. ’02 *
Vivian S. Cheung B.S. ’02 ◊
Mark P. Chew B.S. ’02, M.S. ’04 | Catherine Liang ◊
Anthony Y. Ching B.A. ’02, M.B.A. ’12
Rishi U. Chopra B.S. ’02 ◊
Jonathan A. Colby B.S. ’02 | Grace E. Colby *
Rowena Lourdes de Jesus B.A. ’02
Katherine H. de Sa Campos B.A. ’02
Emily R. Donavan B.A. ’02
Timothy D. Doran B.A. ’02, M.A. ’05, Ph.D. ’11
Julia C. Dunn B.A. ’02 | Zachary Dunn
Cassandra E. Edwards B.A. ’02 ◊
Denise Lu Fan B.A. ’02 | Jonathan S. Fan B.S. ’02 ◊
Cristen R. Fazal B.A. ’02 | Arif Fazal B.A. ’96
Jude Fletcher B.A. ’02
Emily K. Forbes B.A. ’02 | Galen K. Davis B.S. ’00 ◊
Scott A. Frandsen B.S. ’02
Arthur H. Gross II B.A. ’02 ◊
John E. Guinn B.S. ’02
Anjuli M. Gupta B.A. ’02, B.S. ’02
Jameel R. Harb B.A. ’02, J.D. ’07 | Sonia M. Gonzales J.D. ’07
Alyce M. (Chow) Hernandez B.A. ’02
Jhaelen Hernandez-Eli B.A. ’02 | Juliet Hernandez-Eli
Jared N. Herzikoff-Cornell B.S. ’02
Thomas J. Hill B.S. ’02
Jonathan H. Hironaga B.S. ’02
Karen Hsu Patterson B.A. ’02
Robert Jittrikawiphol B.A. ’02 ◊
Koijan S. Kainth B.A. ’02
Lawrence C. Kao B.A. ’02 ** ◊
Timothy P. Karlstrand B.A. ’02, M.S. ’04 | Ada M. Karlstrand
Andy M. Katz B.A. ’02, M.C.P. ’04
Julie B. Kim B.S. ’02
Theodore M. Kniesche IV B.A. ’02 ** ◊
Justin L. Kolbeck B.A. ’02
Aaron R. Kollitz B.A. ’02 ◊
Thida Ky B.A. ’02
Paul F. Lai B.A. ’02, C.Esing ’03, M.A. ’04
Christopher D. Land B.A. ’02, J.D. ’05
David Y. Lau B.S. ’02 | In Cool ◊
Gabriel K. Lau B.A. ’02
Gina M. Lefebvre B.A. ’02
Kah Shin Leow B.A. ’02 | Lijun Tan B.A. ’06 ** ▲
Galen T. Li B.A. ’02
Tiffany M. Li B.A. ’02
Joshua H. Lim B.A. ’02 | Betty Lim
Susan S. Lin B.A. ’02 | Jordan Richardson
Edwin E. Linares B.A. ’02 ◊
Gene C. Liu B.S. ’02, M.B.A. ’12
John B. Loker B.S. ’02 ◊
Michelle M. Loya-Talamantes B.A. ’02, M.P.H. ’04
John J. Lucchese B.A. ’02
Sylvia S. Mak B.A. ’02, B.S. ’02 ◊
Grace L. Malvar B.A. ’02
Ellena A. Mar B.A. ’02 | Christopher J. Severyn B.A. ’02 ◊
Wilmin Martono B.S. ’02
Katherine J. (Windle) McDermid B.A. ’02 ◊
Anjna R. Mehta B.S. ’02
Marlon Mendez B.A. ’02 ◊
Rory S. Miller B.A. ’02
Yuliya S. Mirzoyan B.A. ’02
Jason A. Morimoto B.S. ’02 | Linda N. (Aldrete) Morimoto B.A. ’01 * ◊
Aaron J. Mortensen B.A. ’02 | Tamara Mortensen
J’Lene C. (Ancell) Mortimer B.A. ’02
Elizabeth A. Nelson B.A. ’02 | Nathan Himes
Pui C. Nip B.A. ’02
Jessica L. Oleon B.A. ’02
Courtney S. Onodera B.A. ’02
Philip J. Ople B.S. ’02
Anand B. Patel B.A. ’02 | Beejal Patel
Blaine Pedlow B.S. ’02 | Kari Sachs ◊
Sarah L. Brown B.A. ’02 | Thor Peterson
Kristina Rizga B.A. ’02
Fiona E. Robinson B.A. ’02
Erendira E. (Rangel) Rubin B.A. ’02 | Seth M. Rubin Ph.D. ’03
Neha J. (Jain) Sampath B.A. ’02 | Hemanth Sampath ◊
Vicki Ort Scherwin B.A. ’02
Garth D. Schultz B.S. ’02 | Megan A. Jennings J.D. ’07
Grace H. Shim B.A. ’02 | Christopher J. Shim
Emily A. Short B.S. ’02
Bina P. Shrimali B.A. ’02, M.P.H. ’08
Sarah M. Sled B.A. ’02
Daphne Spieker Smith B.A. ’02 ◊
Jason B. Smith B.S. ’02 ◊
Soodtida Tangpraphaphorn B.A. ’02
Matthew D. Thurlow B.A. ’02 ◊
Jesus Torres B.A. ’02
Mathew K. Venturo B.A. ’02
Adriana R. Vera B.A. ’02
Sarah T. Wheatley B.A. ’02
Martin D. White B.A. ’02, J.D. ’07 | Caryn F. Lai J.D. ’08
Andrea Wong B.A. ’02
Daniel S. Wong B.S. ’02 | Corrina Yu
Sarah Wong B.A. ’02
Steven K. Wong B.S. ’02 ◊
Geoffrey D. Wool B.A. ’02 | Aliza R. Kaliski B.A. ’01 ◊
Susan (Whang) Work B.A. ’02
Jason C. Wu B.A. ’02
Yuan J. Zhu B.S. ’02
Matthew L. Zierhut B.S. ’02, Joint Ph.D. ’08 | Ayesha Haroun Zierhut B.A. ’01, M.A. ’02 * ◊