Class of 12

Dear Fellow Golden Bears,                                                            

Do you remember lounging on Memorial Glade, being serenaded by the Campanile? And how can we forget the naked run? If you are like me, the Berkeley nostalgia runs deep. 
Like so many fellow bears, I am thankful for the opportunities Cal gave me. Before freshman year, the term ‘business owner’ meant very little to me. I never thought it would be possible to start my own company. However, the entrepreneurship class I took my sophomore year and the student groups I joined, like ASUC, gave me the skills and confidence to build multiple companies while in college.

Our Cal experience meant so much to us. In light of today’s uncertain climate for public education, I’ve decided to make a gift of $25,000 in the form of a Challenge Match. But I need your help! 
The Class of 2012 5th Reunion Committee is raising $100,000 to keep Cal the #1 public university in the nation. For every 100 donors that we engage at any level, $5,000 of my gift will be “unlocked” and allocated towards our reunion goal. 
The class of 2011 raised $74,699. With this gift of $25,000, we can set a new all-time record! You can make your gift at this site or at give.berkeley.edu. This will be our legacy and the need has truly never been greater. Regardless of the amount you give, take a step up today to pay it forward for current and future Cal students. 

Go Bears!




The Class of 2012 Reunion Committee 

Are you passionate about Berkeley? Would you like to give back? Volunteer on your reunion committee!

Volunteers help their classmates reconnect with each other and to campus, as well as encourage others to support UC Berkeley with a meaningful reunion gift. Please join us in playing an active role in supporting student programs, faculty excellence, and research in an effort to keep Berkeley the world’s top-ranked public university.


Spencer McLeod, Co-Chair
Studied: Interdisciplinary Studies and Public Policy
Senior Class Gift Committee Chair
ASUC Senator

Pegah Zardoost, Co-Chair
Studied: Classical Civilizations

Trevor Abbott
Studied: Economics
Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Cesie Alvarez
Studied Legal Studies and Psychology
Delta Delta Delta

Joey Baietti
Studied: Political Economy
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Richard Berwick
Studied: Business Administration
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Caroline Casey
Studied: English
Alpha Chi Omega

Daniella Ciappara
Studied: Media Studies
Sigma Kappa

Hannah Courtney
Studied: History

George Eliades
Studied: Economics
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Amy Fu
Studied: Mechanical Engineering
UC Marching Band

Doug Fung
Studied: Chemical Engineering
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Hannah Grantz
Studied Classical Civilizations and Political Science
Alpha Omicron Pi
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Jeff Hamm
Studied Interdisciplinary Studies
Men’s Golf Team

Erica Herold​
Studied: American Studies
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Melissa Hong
Studied: Business Administration
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Rachel Horning
Studied: Sociology
ASUC Senator

Nicholas Iturraran
Studied: Mechanical Engineering
UC Rally Committee

Kelsey Kanavel
Studied: Molecular and Cell Biology

Minji Kim
Studied: Business Administration
Senior Class Gift Committee

Bryan Lim
Studied: Statistics

Nanxi Liu
Studied: Business Administration and Political Economy
Gamma Phi Beta
Delta Sigma Pi

Amanda Loo
Studied: American Studies

Fatima Mekkaoui
Studied: Sociology

Sabrina Momand
Studied: Political Economy

Kayla Nalven
Studied: Anthropology
Campus Ambassador

Cristina Nicoara
Studied: Business Administration
Senior Class Gift Committe Member

Christine Nguyen
Studied: Computer Science

Sahar Pirzada
Studied: Development Studies
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Maren Quezada Lopez
Studied: Business Administration

Tomoaki Sasaki
Studied: Molecular & Cell Biology
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Patrick Shibley
Studied: Cognitive Science and Psychology
Senior Class Gift Committee Chair

Noah Stern
Studied: Political Economy
Delta Chi
ASUC President
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Katie Strehlow
Studied Media Studies
Senior Class Gift Committee Member
UC Rally Committee

Giorgio Tavecchio
Studied: Political Economy
Cal Football Team

Sterling Thomas
Studied: Political Science
Senior Class Gift Committee Member

Angelica Tripp
Studied: English

Mona Weng
​Studied: Interdisciplinary Studies

Lacie T. Wilson
Studied: Public Health
Senior Class Gift Committee Member
Chi Omega

Christopher Wong
Studied: Rhetoric
Senior Class Gift Committee Member


Jeffrey Zhang
Studied: Chemical Engineering

Please join us! To get in on the fun, email our class’s personal liaison:

Reunion Checklist 

 CELEBRATE: Save the date for Cal Reunion Weekend at Homecoming (October 20-22)

2. CONNECT: @CalReunions #CalReunions


3. PARTICIPATE: Join your Reunion Committee and make a difference at Berkeley.

4. SHARE: Nominate classmates for a Reunion Alumni Spotlight.

5. GIVE: Consider making a meaningful gift in honor of your 5th reunion.

Upcoming Events 

There are no upcoming events for this class.

Reunion Giving Officer
Tamara Bock '94
Honor Roll 

Trevor T. Abbott B.A. ’12 ** 
Iris O. Acosta B.A. ’12
Yasmine L. Agelidis B.A. ’12, J.D. ’17
Cesie C. Alvarez B.A. ’12 ***
Manuel D. Amaya B.A. ’12 **
Nicolas G. Anastasiades B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Jenna N. Anderson B.A. ’12
Elaine K. Andres B.A. ’12
Zita Aradi B.A. ’12, Minor ’12
Eve S. Arbel B.A. ’12
Jonathan Arcellana B.A. ’12 ***
Lauren A. Ardis B.A. ’12
Nicholas J. Armour B.A. ’12
Oliver C. Armstrong B.A. ’12
Caroline L. Arnold B.A. ’12 ***
Tara L. Arolla B.A. ’12
Shaunt M. Attarian B.A. ’12
Elizabeth A. Avakoff B.S. ’12
Javier Ayala-Hil B.A. ’12
Mariam N. Azimi ’12
Roi Bachmutsky B.A. ’12
Li Bai B.A. ’12
Joseph A. Baietti B.A. ’12 ***
Kimberly D. Barnash B.A. ’12 *
Kari A. Barnes B.A. ’12
Aashbir S. Basi B.S. ’12
Michael T. Bea B.A. ’12
Megan D. Beale B.A. ’12
Danial R. Beaudry B.S. ’12
Jareth J. Beckelman-Groves B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Kathryn A. Benz B.A. ’12
Miraya G. Berke B.S. ’12
Richard D. Berwick B.S. ’12 ***
Anna E. Bischoff B.S. ’12
Madhur Boloor B.S. ’12
Jennifer M. Bone B.A. ’12
Yaroslav Borets B.S. ’12
Kelsey J. Boulanger B.S. ’12
Steven J. Bowen B.A. ’12
Derek A. Branch B.S. ’12, Minor ’12
Joanna M. Brockhouse B.A. ’12
Katherine I. Brugman B.A. ’12
Barika Y. Burton B.A. ’12
Britnee M. Campos B.S. ’12
Christopher M. Carney B.A. ’12 ◊
Christopher M. Cartland B.S. ’12 ***
Caroline M. Casey B.A. ’12 ***
Orlando Castillejos B.A. ’12
Carmen M. Castro B.S. ’12, M.S. ’14
Elizabeth Y. Chan B.S. ’12
Savio W. Chan B.A. ’12
Vanessa A. Chan B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Wilson W. Chan B.A. ’12
Michael Chang B.S. ’12
Nuri Chang B.A. ’12
Kenny K. Chen B.A. ’12
Lingfeng Chen B.S. ’12 *
Xiao Chen B.S. ’12
Allen K. Cheong B.S. ’12 *
Anna Chow B.A. ’12
Victoria R. Chu B.A. ’12
Margaret A. Comer B.A. ’12
Christina M. Cooley B.A. ’12
Hannah E. Courtney B.A. ’12 ***
Mason R. Cox B.A. ’12
Laura G. Cuccaro B.S. ’12 ◊
Daniel B. Culpepper B.A. ’12 *
John W. Cunha B.S. ’12
James E. Daly B.A. ’12
Catherine Dang B.A. ’12
Clarence L. De Guzman B.A. ’12
Michael K. Deamer B.A. ’12
Tony B. Dear B.S. ’12 ◊
Anthony L. Del Vecchio B.A. ’12
Roxana V. Dhada B.A. ’12
Ana F. Dias B.S. ’12
Daniah N. Din B.A. ’12
Dominique Donette B.A. ’12
Xianhui G. Dong B.A. ’12
Jarell C. Douville B.A. ’12
Kelley L. Doyle B.S. ’12
Alexander N. Dres B.A. ’12
Dylan J. Eichenberg B.S. ’12
George P. Eliades B.A. ’12 *
Raul R. Escalante B.A. ’12
Jenna L. Essakow B.A. ’12
Elise Y. Etem B.A. ’12
Dorian A. Farhang B.A. ’12
Farzin Fatollahi-Fard B.S. ’12
Keven P. Fitzpatrick B.S. ’12 *
Ryan Fleisher B.A. ’12, J.D. ’16
Katherine M. Fleming B.A. ’12
Nicholas M. Fong B.S. ’12 ◊
Lindsay K. Forbes B.A. ’12
Yevgeniy V. Frenklakh B.S. ’12
Yue Fu B.S. ’12, M.S. ’13 ***
Jeffrey T. Fujimoto B.S. ’12 | Sally Fujimoto P ’12
Doug T. Fung B.S. ’12 ◊
Sara C. Furuno B.A. ’12 ◊
Aaron Ganz B.S. ’12
Daniel J. Ganz B.A. ’12
Zhongxiang Gao B.S. ’12 *
Amalia R. Garcia B.A. ’12
Francisco M. Garcia B.A. ’12
Cynthia C. Gonzalez B.A. ’12 ◊
Karina Gonzalez B.A. ’12
Adam J. Gordon B.A. ’12
Hannah M. Grantz B.A. ’12, Minor ’12 **
Evan S. Gunther B.A. ’12
Jonathan D. Hampton B.A. ’12
Charles J. Han B.A. ’12
Joshua L. Hawn B.S. ’12
Molly C. Hayes B.A. ’12
Jingjing He B.A. ’12
Corinna E. Heiberg B.A. ’12
Elizabeth A. Hermosillo B.A. ’12
Priscilla S. Herrera B.S. ’12
Robert W. Hess III B.S. ’12
Sharon A. Holmes B.A. ’12
Nicholas P. Holt B.S. ’12
Melissa S. Hong B.S. ’12 ** ◊
Scott D. Hoover B.A. ’12 **
Rachel M. Horning B.A. ’12
David E. Howard B.A. ’12
Calvin J. Hsiao B.A. ’12
Richard W. Hsu B.S. ’12
Calvin J. Hu B.S. ’12
Hui P. Hu B.S. ’12
Tianxing Hu B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Amy Huang B.A. ’12
Bowen Huang B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Kelly P. Huang B.A. ’12
Sara M. Huda B.A. ’12 *
Peggy Hung B.A. ’12
Lockie Ieong B.S. ’12
Tamzid Islam B.S. ’12
Nicholas M. Iturraran B.S. ’12
Chelsea R. Jackson B.A. ’12
Jennifer R. Ji B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Yike Jiang B.A. ’12
Mandy L. Jones B.S. ’12
Anuj J. Kamdar B.S. ’12 *
Kai Kang B.A. ’12
Nikolas V. Katigbak B.S. ’12 *
Catherine A. Kauffelt B.A. ’12
Rousseau N. Kazi B.A. ’12 ****
Casey P. Keenan B.S. ’12
Jennifer A. Keene B.S. ’12
Justin Kelly-Jones B.A. ’12
Ahyoung Kim B.A. ’12
John Y. Kim B.A. ’12
Minji Kim B.S. ’12
Young Kim B.S. ’12
Peter C. Kler B.A. ’12
Ivan B. Kong B.S. ’12
Rachelle A. Kresch B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Emily Kuan B.A. ’12
Zachary B. Kutlow B.S. ’12
Steven La B.A. ’12
Alexander V. Lam B.S. ’12, M.S. ’13
Albert Lan B.S. ’12
Ryan E. Landis B.S. ’12
Alexander P. Lautenberger B.A. ’12
Bernadette T. Le B.S. ’12
Anna S. Lee B.A. ’12
Azalea P. Lee B.A. ’12
Christopher Y. Lee B.A. ’12
David J. Lee B.A. ’12
Joycerine Y. Lee B.S. ’12
Kristina M. Lee B.S. ’12
Elyssa B. Lewis B.S. ’12
Daiwei Li B.S. ’12
Tom C. Liao B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Qi Liew B.S. ’12
Bryan G. Lim B.A. ’12 ***
Elaine R. Lim B.A. ’12
Eunhee Lim B.S. ’12 ◊
Catherine J. Limcaco B.S. ’12
Chang Lin B.A. ’12
Kaidi Liu B.A. ’12
Nanxi N. Liu ’12 *****
Qiao Liu B.A. ’12
Vincent J. Liu B.S. ’12
Amanda S. Loo B.A. ’12 *
Constance L. Lu B.S. ’12 ◊
Mark H. Lu B.S. ’12 *
Nicole D. Lugtu B.A. ’12
Jinmei Lun B.A. ’12
Royce T. Ma B.A. ’12
Sicong Ma B.A. ’12
Jessica A. Madrigal B.A. ’12 ***
Abram Magel B.S. ’12, M.S. ’13
Lai C. Mak B.A. ’12
Gurpreet K. Malhi B.A. ’12
Nicole R. Manzana B.A. ’12
Clair A. Martin B.A. ’12
Michelle N. Mason B.A. ’12
Joshua L. May B.A. ’12 ◊
Samantha E. McBirney B.S. ’12
Amy M. McCarthy B.S. ’12 ◊
Christopher M. McDermut B.A. ’12
Spencer C. McLeod B.A. ’12, Minor ’12 **
Sean S. McShane B.A. ’12
Laura Medina B.A. ’12
Meriel J. Melendrez B.A. ’12
Claudia Mendez B.A. ’12
Kevin Mendoza B.A. ’12, P ’15
Jimmy Mercado B.A. ’12
Michael B. Midling B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Ameeti Mishra B.S. ’12
Sabrina Momand B.A. ’12
David Monterrosa B.A. ’12 *
Keith S. Moreland Jr B.A. ’12
Michael Mui B.S. ’12
Ramona Nahapetian B.A. ’12
Kayla M. Nalven B.A. ’12, Minor ’12
Sam Nejabat B.A. ’12
Jessica S. Nelson B.A. ’12
Andrew V. Nevis B.A. ’12 ◊
Alison K. Newton B.S. ’12
Anna V. Nguyen B.A. ’12
Christine Nguyen B.A. ’12
Danny Nguyen B.S. ’12
Minh Nguyen B.A. ’12, M.P.P. ’17
Ngoc B. Nguyen B.A. ’12
Vivian A. Nguyen B.S. ’12
Zhao Ning B.A. ’12
Madonna B. Noche B.S. ’12 ◊
Minn A. Oh B.A. ’12
Gary K. Ong B.S. ’12, M.S. ’15
Karely M. Ordaz B.A. ’12
Vineet Pandey B.A. ’12
Jyotti Pannu B.A. ’12
Naddav Paran B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12 ◊
David Park B.A. ’12
Masis K. Parunyan B.A. ’12
Kyle A. Paterson B.A. ’12
Victoria A. Pavlics B.S. ’12
Austin J. Peck B.A. ’12
Matthew R. Peevler B.A. ’12
Danielle L. Pena B.A. ’12
Yvette Perez B.A. ’12
Austin R. Petersen-Hays B.A. ’12
Phuoc H. Pham B.S. ’12
Sahar S. Pirzada B.A. ’12
Danielle A. Ploussard B.A. ’12 **
Robert D. Poole B.A. ’12 ◊
Geoffrey G. Poon B.S. ’12
Andrew D. Postal B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Samuel C. Pullman B.S. ’12
Matthew N. Pumar B.S. ’12
Matthew L. Putzulu B.A. ’12
Linyun Qi B.A. ’12
Xilen S. Ramirez B.A. ’12 ◊
Eric B. Rea B.S. ’12 * ◊
Tess Renahan B.A. ’12
Bernadette P. Richard B.S. ’12 *
John A. Richards B.A. ’12
Danica Rodarmel B.A. ’12, J.D. ’17
Gabriel E. Rodriguez B.A. ’12, Minor ’12
Michael D. Rollins B.S. ’12 ◊
Erin E. Ruiz-Prunchak B.A. ’12
Ryan Saelee B.A. ’12, M.P.H. ’16
Fay A. Saepharn B.A. ’12
Sonia Sajja B.S. ’12
Cailin E. Sakaue B.S. ’12 ◊
Roger Salmeron B.A. ’12
Jesus M. Sanchez B.A. ’12
Tomoaki Sasaki B.A. ’12 ***
Hanna L. Scardina B.S. ’12
Michelle J. Schurter B.S. ’12
Debra F. Schwartz B.A. ’12 | William Z. Migely B.A. ’11
Kwong E. See B.A. ’12
Kenneth A. Sexton B.S. ’12
Miheer B. Shah B.S. ’12
Tiffany M. Sham B.S. ’12
Aakaanksha K. Sharma B.A. ’12 *
Alexandria A. Sharma B.S. ’12 | Warren Lee B.S. ’12
Vincent Sheu B.A. ’12, M.Eng. ’14
Cody J. Shevitz B.A. ’12 **
William P. Shibley B.A. ’12 ◊
Sunwoo Shim B.S. ’12
Siobhan M. Shinn B.A. ’12
Michael A. Shippey B.A. ’12
Melody M. Singh B.S. ’12
Maxwell K. Slaughter B.A. ’12
Robyn E. Smigel B.A. ’12
Connor W. Smith B.A. ’12
Alex Y. Sobieski B.A. ’12
Diwen Song B.A. ’12
Kayvon Sotoudeh B.A. ’12
Christine L. Stanker B.A. ’12
Wendy A. Steiner B.A. ’12
Noah M. Stern B.A. ’12 ** ◊
Katherine A. Strehlow B.A. ’12 ◊
Amanda L. Stump B.A. ’12
Anirudh Subbarao B.A. ’12, M.Eng. ’13
Christine A. Sun B.A. ’12
Erika Tang B.S. ’12
Sima Tavares B.S. ’12 | Michael Tavares ◊
Giorgio Tavecchio B.A. ’12
Bianca A. Taylor B.A. ’12
Martin D. Taylor B.S. ’12 *
Rachel S. Tenney B.A. ’12
Justin Thach B.A. ’12
Ivan Thai B.A. ’12
Weiling Thai B.A. ’12
Conner R. Thomas B.A. ’12 **
Briana M. Tischner B.A. ’12
Bianca Tomkoria B.S. ’12 **
Lenard L. Tran B.S. ’12
Angelica M. Tripp B.A. ’12
Rebecca L. Truong B.S. ’12
Tiffany T. Truong B.S. ’12
Wendy S. Tsu B.S. ’12
Gary J. Tull B.A. ’12
Eric F. Tye B.A. ’12
Jun C. Ueno B.S. ’12
Lana Vasiljevic B.A. ’12
Araceli Vazquez B.A. ’12
Allen F. Villacorta B.S. ’12
Gilberto Villicana B.A. ’12 ◊
Gwendolyn A. von Klan B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Nha X. Vu B.A. ’12
Nishita Waghray B.A. ’12
Jackson G. Wallace B.S. ’12
Albert C. Wan B.S. ’12 ***
Jasmine Wang B.A. ’12
Justin Wang B.S. ’12
Kyla H. Wegman B.A. ’12 *
Lauren A. Weiss B.A. ’12
Kelsey Q. Westphal B.A. ’12
Sasha E. Williams B.A. ’12
Andrew Wilson B.A. ’12, M.P.P. ’17
John J. Winters B.A. ’12 ◊
Aaron D. Wong B.S. ’12 ***
Caitlin L. Wong B.S. ’12
Doreen M. Wong B.S. ’12
Jonathan Wong B.A. ’12
Lance A. Wong B.A. ’12
Andrew P. Wroblicky B.A. ’12
Zhimin Xu B.A. ’12
Ross M. Yamamoto B.S. ’12, M.S. ’13
Yizhe Yang B.A. ’12
Fei Yao B.A. ’12
Che Y. Yeh B.A. ’12
Teng Yi B.S. ’12
Ian K. York B.A. ’12
Allan Yu B.A. ’12 ◊
Chia-Hui K. Yu B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12
Alexandria L. Yuan B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12, M.P.P. ’17
Peijia Yuan B.S. ’12
Christina H. Yum B.S. ’12
Pegah Zardoost B.A. ’12 *
Minzhi Zhao B.S. ’12
Jennifer Zheng B.A. ’12
Stacy Zhong B.A. ’12, M.P.P. ’17
Penny C. Zhou B.A. ’12, B.S. ’12 
Philip Zhou B.A. ’12 *
Lina Zhu B.S. ’12
Yicheng Zhu B.A. ’12