Co-Op Alumni

Co-Op Alumni

Join your fellow co-op alumni!

The Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association (BSCAA) is a chapter of the California Alumni Association (CAA) at UC Berkeley and composed of more than 800 alumni who lived, worked, and learned together in the Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC).

For over 20 years we’ve been helping BSC alumni keep in touch and give back to current students of the co-op. This support furthers the mission of providing a quality, low-cost, cooperative housing community to university students, thereby providing educational opportunity for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

The BSCAA Scholarship Fund was endowed by co-op alumni to ensure that future generations of low-income students will be able to enjoy the same kinds of formative experiences in the co-op that they had. Join your fellow BSC alumni in providing access to the university for today’s Golden Bears!

Co-Op Alumni Committee 

BSCAA Board of Directors:

Jim Ausman (Chateau House)
Alexander Barone (Davis House)
Nancy Blattel (Barrington Hall, Rochdale Village, Northside Apartments)
Michael Burke (Ridge Project, Davis House)
Alexandra Daily-Diamond (Euclid Hall)
Noorin Damji (Stebbins)
John Ehrlich (Barrington Hall)
Ron Enfield (Barrington Hall)
Zach Gamlieli (Casa Zimbabwe)
Victor Garlin (Oxford Hall)
Steve Greenberg (Cloyne Court)
Margie [Miller Greene] Guillory (Hoyt Hall, Northside Coop)
Jennifer Heller (Cloyne, Rochdale, Kingman)
Laura Vargas Hernandez (CZ, Afro House, Hoyt Hall)
RW “Randy” Klarin (Barrington)
Winne Luo (Sherman)
Jonah Markowitz (Fenwick)
Kaye McKee (Cloyne Court, Davis House)
Marcella Murphy (Stebbins, Oxford, Sherman, Cloyne, Northside, Rochdale) 
Michelle Nacouzi (Castro, Wolf, Sherman, CZ)
Tori Partridge (Hoyt Hall, Ridge House)
Ron Pringle (Stebbins, Kingman)
Elissa Roy (Casa Zimbabwe, Oscar Wilde)
Wick Smith (Barrington Hall, Ridge Project [Casa Zimbabwe])
Analise Smith-Hinkley (Cloyne, Oscar Wilde)
Sean Sowell (Lothlorien, Kingman, Northside)
Alfred Twu (Afro House)
Kelly Yun (Rochdale Village)
For more information, please visit BSCAA’s Board of Director’s website.


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Established over 20 years ago with an endowment from the Berkeley Student Cooperative Alumni Association (BSCAA), the BSCAA Scholarship has been awarded to undergraduates in the cooperative who demonstrate academic ability, leadership, and financial need. The fund currently awards about $2,600 for the year to each recipient, an amount that can be increased with your support!

In addition to financial support, Leadership Award Scholars receive benefits from CAA to help them make the most of their time at Cal and embrace their full leadership potential on- and off-campus. Benefits for scholars include:

  • Networking with UC Berkeley faculty and alumni
  • Leadership opportunities and training
  • Mentorship and guidance from Leadership Award Program Staff
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Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving
Kelly Yun '11