Program Spotlight

Cal Fund

In a time of dwindling state funding–Berkeley currently receives only 13% of its funding from the state–donations to U.C. Berkeley are more important than ever. The university’s flagship fund, The Cal Fund, touches just about every aspect of UC Berkeley. The Cal Fund provides the University with critical, flexible funding to use for programs with an immediate need or new and emerging opportunities. It supports three key areas: student support, faculty excellence, and research. Gifts of any size can make a lasting impact on a student’s life, enhance the quality of education, and keep rankings at the top. But don’t just take it from us, here is what the students have to say on how The Cal Fund has helped shaped their experiences at Cal:

“As a student here at Cal, one of the best reasons that come to mind is the research that
happens here. Cal is world-famous for innovative research and I’m proud to say that I’m part of it! I work in one of the research labs right here in Berkeley… I am grateful for the opportunity to get this hands-on experience in the labs as well as to be a part of something that is so much bigger than myself. All of the research done at Cal is for the public benefit, be it in biology, engineering or social studies and it affects people worldwide. A donation to the Cal Fund supports this innovative culture and encourages us to keep doing amazing things that change the world!”

Stuti Ghoshal ‘16, B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology

“In high school, I was always worried that I would not be able to attend the college of my choice. It wasn’t because I was not smart enough (I got good grades), but because it was too expensive. I never dreamed of being able to attend Cal, yet here I am today. Berkeley gave me a generous scholarship which made my education affordable and I am not alone, either. 60%+ of students here receive some sort of financial aid, or scholarship, that reduces their school debt by $2,000 less than the average Californian. It’s fantastic that the #1 public university in the world is making education affordable for everyone, regardless of their economic background.”

Andrew Veenstra  ‘18, B.S. Civil Engineering

Support from our alumni helps ensure that Berkeley remains a premier institution and keeps U.C. Berkeley accessible to all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic background. Please consider making a difference in a student’s life by making a contribution to the Cal Fund. For more information on the far reaching benefits of the Cal Fund, please visit The Cal Fund web page.