Reunion Alumni Spotlight

Helen Liu

B.A. Anthropology, Kappa Alpha Theta


What have you been up to since graduating from UC Berkeley?
After graduation, I obtained a Juris Doctor from UC Hastings. I practiced civil litigation in San Francisco and San Diego, ultimately focusing on employment law. My husband accepted a position as a professor of neurobiology at UC Berkeley, and we gladly moved back to the Bay Area in 2012. After practicing law for about six years, I placed that career on the back burner for the time being. In May 2013 I opened The Bar Method - Berkeley, a fitness studio near the Cheeseboard and the original Peet’s Coffee — the true heart of Gourmet Ghetto. I not only teach at Bar Method - Berkeley but am involved in every aspect of my business and committed to building a supportive community. I currently live in Kensington — just a seven-minute drive from my studio — and have a three-year-old son and a three-and-a-half-month-old girl. I guess you could say that since graduating from Cal I’ve been pretty busy!

How did your experience at Cal or your sorority have an impact on you?
From growing up in Kentucky to studying at UC Berkeley, the possibilities to explore and learn seemed endless. I dove in, trying to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. After my freshman year I had the chance to participate in an excavation in Israel on the Mediterranean Sea with the Department of Art History. In addition to the classes required to complete my major studies, I branched out and took an African drumming course and a Thai kickboxing DeCal; enjoyed guest lectures in my post-9/11 discussion course, and more. Joining Kappa Alpha Theta was life-changing because of the long-lasting friendships I made, making  a large university with a substantial student body feel smaller and more manageable. I learned a lot about leadership with integrity through my position as Vice President of Education, and every single day was fun!

What is one of your favorite memories from your time in your sorority?
There are too many to recount! One in particular occurred immediately before graduation. The seniors in my chapter hiked up to the Big C together. I had never been there before. Our plan was to use aluminum foil to convert the C into a Theta. We didn’t know to account for the wind! Somehow, we were able to take all the foil with us down the hill. Not only was it a bonding experience but the views were stunning, providing the perfect opportunity to reminisce on our experiences at Cal.

Do you have any advice for current collegiate members of sororities at Cal?
Cherish these times and the friendships you’re making. These memories will last a lifetime.