Reunion Alumni Spotlight

Jerry Miller

Business Manager, Apple Inc.

Meet Jerry Miller, a 2001 alumnus who took full advantage of Cal’s many opportunities, lessons, and wonderful experiences, which led him to a successful career at one of the most influential companies in the world.

What are you doing now?
During the day (and into the night), I am Business Manager for Apple Watch Series 2. I’ve been at Apple a little over two years, having previously served as the iPod Business Manager. I joined the company after completing my MBA at Duke.

What Cal Experience Helped You?
My experience in the Cal Band has played an integral part in driving my life journey. In the band, I learned what it meant to be dedicated, hard-working, and a member of a team of people unlike no other. In the five years of playing with the band, I grew as a leader, a team-player, and as a friend. I developed relationships that have withstood the test of time. The Cal Band is a unique group with a particular set of social norms and hierarchy. Becoming a student leader in that environment has enabled me to be a valued contributor to any organization that I join. I am forever grateful to the Cal Band for not only the great times, but also the tremendous amount of learning and friendships that have resulted from my time marching in and around Memorial Stadium.

What advice would you give to current Cal students?
Let’s keep it simple: Learn, Love, Thrive and while you’re doing that, have some Fun! You really get one shot at this college thing. It’s easy to get caught up trying to get the best grades and majoring in something that will get you the best job out of college. Do that. That said, make sure that you learn things about your classmates and peers. Find a love, boy, girl, book or whatever. When you have three midterms, a paper due, a team project and work-study hours all in one week…take a deep breath and thrive in the moment. Know that it’ll all pass and you’re going to kick butt along the way. This is what makes you as a Cal student special. Finally, have fun. Close the books and go to a game. Cheer your head off (and learn the words to Big C, Fight and All Hail!). Go to that party. Host your friends for dinner. Play Frisbee on the glade. Ask that cutie out on a date. Berkeley is a magical place like no other. Don’t be like some of my alum friends who wish they would’ve taken advantage of all that Cal had to offer.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
The top of the west side of Memorial Stadium. It’s breathtaking.