Reunion Alumni Spotlight

Tyler Hofinga '81 & Anne Raby Gates

Class of 1981 Co-Chairs and Friends Since College

Class of 1981 Reunion Committee co-chairs, Tyler Hofinga and Anne Raby Gates, have led their class together through the last few reunions, and have joined forces again this year for their 35th Reunion. Friends since college, Anne and Tyler have kept close ties with each other (attending each other’s weddings on separate coasts), their classmates, and their alma mater by being loyal supporters and ambassadors of Cal. For this alumni spotlight, we’re featuring this dynamic duo and their longstanding friendship.

Campus Memories

Anne and Tyler lived near each other on campus and were active members of the campus community, so it was inevitable that they would meet. Tyler lived in the Unit 1 dorms and worked as he puts, “the human meal card reader” in the dining commons for Units 1 and 2. Anne was an Alpha Chi Omega, and both shared many  friends involved in Greek life.

As a student, Anne majored in Applied Mathematics, and was an active member of her sorority. (Tyler tells us that one year she was Homecoming Queen at the homecoming football game.) Tyler loved attending football games and sitting in the student section with the card stunts. He also enjoyed being an Alumni Leadership Scholar with monthly activities through the Cal Alumni Association. He describes it as, “a treasured experience with other Alumni Scholars and leaders of both student and academic life on campus.”

Why do you support Cal and continue co-chairing the Class of 1981’s reunions?

Tyler: “I believe in Cal. Cal was transformational for me and I want to pay it forward.” Tyler is a proud parent of 4 children, all of whom were accepted to Cal. His two sons graduated in 2012 and 2013, and his youngest daughter will be part of Cal’s incoming freshman class.

Anne: “Public education is incredibly important. We are rapidly becoming a bifurcated society and if we don’t have good quality public education for all, regardless of need, things will only get worse.”

What do you do now, and how has Cal contributed to your success?

Anne: “I’m President of MGA Entertainment, a toy company.  The most important thing Cal taught me was how to think logically through all sorts of issues. Math, rhetoric, philosophy classes–what a good foundation for being able to identify and solve issues and opportunities.”

Tyler: “Cal refined the diamond in the rough.  Cal admits the best and the brightest in the world and helps them focus and mature, providing unlimited opportunity to explore and learn.  I think of my five years at Cal as some of the best years of my life, and I have lifelong best friends from my Cal experiences.

Immediately after graduation I went to work for IBM for 10 years in sales and sales management in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.  I stayed in high technology/internet of things in sales for my entire career working for almost a decade for both Oracle and Salesforce.  Recently, I have helped Microsoft, Teradata, and now Apttus, the number one player in the Quote to Cash software as a service space.”

Continuing Their Support for Cal

In addition to being steadfast reunion volunteers, Anne and Tyler have been involved in many other aspects of the Cal community. Anne is a UCBF, and has served a previous term on the Foundation board as well. She also participated in alumni activities both times she and her family lived in London, which she remembers fondly, “It was such a treat to see Cal row at Henley.” In addition to being a Cal parent, Tyler is a former 3-year Board Member of the California Alumni Association, former member of the CAL New York Alumni Club, Treasurer of the West Los Angeles Cal Alumni Club and co-founder and President for 7 years of the Cal Berkeley Oakland Piedmont Alumni Club.

Join Tyler and Anne on September 30th, as they celebrate their 35th Reunion, along with other alumni and Cal parents during Homecoming Weekend!