Volunteer FAQ

How are Giving Committee members asked to participate throughout the year?

You are asked to be an active member of the giving committee, which includes making a gift or pledge to any area of the university and lending your name to the general effort. Additionally, depending on your role, you are asked to reach out directly to 5–10 classmates; help reach out to your class via social media, email, and phone. The committee will formally meet once for the Volunteer Leadership Retreat. Those who are unable to attend the conference are asked to participate via follow-up training calls. In addition, committee conference calls and emails will be arranged to supplement communication throughout the year.

When do I contact my classmates?

The Cal Reunions team has two big deadlines throughout the year. The first deadline is on June 30th for the Mid-Year Honor Roll and the second deadline is October 4th for our Homecoming Honor Roll. We encourage volunteers to use these two dates to plan their calls accordingly, allowing plenty of time to follow up with any of their classmates they could not make contact with the first time. 

How do I select my classmates and get their contact information?

You will be able to select your classmates through our online volunteer web tool or by contacting your Class Giving Officer. If you choose to use the web tool, the system will have your classmates’ contact information readily available once the assignments are made. Additionally, the Class Giving Officer will provide you with contact information (email, phone numbers, addresses) for the people you are assigned to contact. Online tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn are also great resources.

What is the preferred method of reaching out to classmates?

You may contact people by whichever means you are most comfortable, however nothing is more effective than a phone call to an old friend. We will provide you with the contact information available in our database. Due to varying degrees to which people keep in contact with the university, full contact information may not be available for all alumni and may limit the means by which you can contact them.

How will I know what to say to classmates?

As a Gift Committee member, your role is to encourage philanthropic support to the university during the reunion year. Your class chairs and Class Giving Officer will provide you with email and letter templates, talking points, solicitation strategies, and information on giving opportunities. You will be prepared and comfortable before you start the solicitation process.

How do I report on my progress?

You will be able to report on your progress through our online web tool, as well as email and phone communication with your Class Giving Officer.

What if a donor asks me questions that I am unable to answer?

If a donor asks you a question you are unable to answer, please contact your Class Giving Officer. They can give you the information required to answer the question or they will contact the donor directly.

Will I have any responsibilities during my Reunion?

Reunion Committee members are encouraged to attend class-sponsored events such as class dinners, reunion parties, and faculty seminars. But above all, reunions are about reconnecting with your classmates and having fun! You are also asked to attend two events—one in the summer and one during Homecoming weekend. You will be recognized for your committee service on both occasions.

What gifts are included in my class totals?

Gifts to any area of the university made between January 1–December 31, 2017 will count toward reunion class totals. This includes annual gifts, planned gifts, matching gifts, endowed gifts, and capital gifts. Five-year pledges are highly encouraged and will provide an expected revenue stream for the university. The entire pledged amount will count toward the class goal. For example, $5,000/year x 5 years = $25,000 toward the class goal.

Where will my name be listed?

Your name will be listed as a member of the Giving Committee on the Reunion Giving website, annual class letters, and — once you make a donation during your reunion year — the list of donors.

Is there an expected donation amount required in order to serve on the Giving Committee?

Committee members are asked to consider a leadership-level gift (level based on individual class years) but inability to commit does not prohibit the volunteer from committee membership. All committee members are asked to make a gift. Donor interest and capacity varies greatly among the committee membership, and we ask that you give a meaningful gift to an area of the university that you are passionate about.

Is attendance required at the reunion?

Attendance at reunions is highly encouraged but is not a requirement for being on the Reunion Giving Committee. Reunions are fun, action-packed events where you will be able to connect with classmates, make new friends, and enjoy time on campus.